I’m trying to figure out if I’m extremely lazy or extremely creative.

I am finishing up a scarf tonight, and needed to sew in the ends. When I picked up my notions tin, I saw that my darning needle was MIA – the other one was down the hallway on a bookcase. But I didn’t want to walk down the hallway to get the darning needle from the bookcase. So I picked up a paperclip that was lying on the desk in front of me and turned it into a needle. Scarf finished. Without me having to move my butt at all. I know. I’m so incredibly lazy it hurts.

Yeah, you know that whole thing about 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration? I think that is a crock. Try 99% laziness and 1% inspiration. Cornflakes? They were invented after some guy let his boiled wheat sit out and go stale. Saccharin, Cyclamate, and Aspartame, those artificial sweeteners? Discovered by scientists who forgot to wash their hands after playing around in the lab. Chocolate chip cookies? They were invented when the baker didn’t have enough chocolate so she skimped! Even fireworks were an accidental invention in the kitchen, of all places!

So there – I wasn’t being lazy, I was being inventive. A creative “genius.” A regular KnitGyver!

Ok, I’m going to bed.

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