Hooks up!

So I was digging through my box of beads the other night, looking for some likely suspects to turn into beds, when I came across some hooks that I had one day hoped to turn into crochet stitch markers. I’d fiddled with the idea about a year ago, but my wire skills weren’t up to par so I’d put it aside. But recently, I received some crochet stitch markers from Brianna as part of The Yarn Side’s Yarnography club. So the idea, you could say, has been percolating for a while now.

I think that for knitting stitch markers, the snag-less ones made out of tigertail wire work the smoothest with your needles, so I really haven’t dedicated time toward strengthening my wire-working skills. However, I’ve been working on making a line of steampunkish stitch markers as of late, and this involves a lot more work with metal. I’m loving my steampunk, Victorian-era stuff, because I’m finally getting to use some great pieces that have been in my bead stash for a long time. Some of the stuff that I’ve made in the last week or two have been really upping my creative ante, as it were. And I’ve discovered that the time I’ve spent making stitch markers this past year has really paid off.

Ta Da! My first crocheted stitch markers! I’m really thrilled with this set, named after a scene from one of my favorite Torchwood episodes, which was, coincidentally, playing on television today. I think they are gorgeous. I’m thrilled to be able to expand my market to the crocheters as well.

The Hidden
“Our memories define us. Adam changed those memories, he changed who we are. Now I have to help you all go back. Find a memory that defines you, rediscover who you are. Feel around for anything that makes you what you are. The hidden and the forgotten.” – Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood

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