And the Little Red Poppet Keeps…

I got a poppet today. It’s a little red poppet. She’s just over two inches tall, and I think I may be sunk, because owning a poppet is akin to becoming an addict. You cannot have just one.

What are these poppets, you might ask? We don’t know much about poppets, not even artist Lisa Snellings knows where these whimsical creations came from. What we do know is that Poppets help us see the world more clearly. We know that Poppets are bigger inside than out. We know that Poppets are sweet and sometimes a little creepy. We know that Poppets are always watching. We know that Poppets are made with love. You can get your own poppet at

This is my poppet. She came in the mail today.

Little red poppet.

She was intent on exploring her new home immediately. She met the cats first. There is much fortitude in poppets.

Stand very very still.

She was not pleased with all of her new friends. I believe her words were “not scintillating.”

"Hello. Who are you?" "Hoo? Hoo?"

My new poppet and I are very happy.

Looking out the window.


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