Its name is Linty.

I have a new nostepinne. Its name is Linty.

Linty, my New Nostepinne

Hehehe. Ok, obviously this isn’t a nostepinne, but it makes a pretty good substitute in a pinch! I’m going to visit my relatives in Georgia for my cousin’s 40th birthday party. I decided to knit her a scarf at the last minute, however, I wanted to use a fingering weight yarn held doubled to create the pattern I am in love with. Therefore, I needed to make myself a real live cake so I can knit both ends of the skein together at the same time. Usually I just ball my yarn up and have done with it. Plus, I will be knitting this scarf while I’m traveling (plane, train and automobile) so I’d like it not to bounce around so much.

What’s a girl without a ballwinder, swift, or nostepinne to do? Create her own! This brand new lint roller was a fabulous substitute, and I made myself the darn prettiest cake you’ve ever seen in your life. Proving yet again that I am the MacGyver of knitting.

Pretty Cake! And Linty the Lint Roller Nostepinne

My cousin loved the finished scarf made out of this yarn, and the ball worked absolutely perfectly all the way through to the end. The pattern? I’m never knitting it again because it was such torture on my hands.

My hot cousin Laura oohing over her new scarf


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