Knitting from Egg to Chicken

I’m not a spinner, but I recently purchased StashEnhancement’s fabulous September Phat Fiber batt, Farm Fresh Eggs. I know, I know, I’m crazy. But I fell so in love with it! She took this stock photo:

And turned it into this fiber:

Through Ravelry, I was connected to a lovely spinner named tashi, and she turned that batt into this:

This beautiful handspun not only contains StashEnhancement fiber, but to stretch the yardage a bit I added a 2 gram sample of blue-green hand-dyed bamboo rayon from Fiber-Fancy’s November Phat Fiber Stocking Stuffer, a 7 gram sample blend of angora and merino from Natchwoolie’s November Phat Fiber sample called Snow Bunny and another StashEnhancement sample, 2 grams of fine cashmere, ultrafine merino and mulberry silk called Natural Light from the November Phat Fiber box.

And finally, using some complementary tan-colored Blue Sky Alpacas, I made myself a little striped Farm Fresh Kerchief:

I adored seeing this process through from start to finish. This is a very easy shawl and I think I might just write it up as a free pattern when I get around to it, so that others can make a sweet little striped kerchief as well.

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