Just like Jane Eyre

There’s a gorgeous new free shawl pattern that has just been published by the Danish Filcolana yarn company. It’s called Mie, and it was created by a Danish woman named Rachel Søgaard.

Jane Eyre's Shawl

In fact, this shawl recently raised speculation on Ravelrybecause it is reminiscent of a similar design found in the latest Jane Eyre movie. And I really do mean latest. They seem to reinvent Jane Eyre every bloody 5 years or so, making the characters prettier and younger in every remake until I’m sure by the time my children are grown Jane Eyre will be a virginal 16-year-old diamond of the first water. Charlotte Brontë is probably rolling in in her tragedy-steeped grave right now. I will say that I haven’t seen 2011’s take on Jane yet, so I am still slightly hopeful. Slightly. But I digress.

Naturally, when surrounded by those who make clothing, all conversations typically slide into what someone was wearing as opposed to what they were doing. And so it is with movies. On Ravelry they’ve been discussing Jane’s unimpressive handknit shawl, designed specifically to make her look homely and poor. Which she was. The comparison is easily seen. In fact, I like it so much that I think I want to try my hand at rewriting the pattern in English for everyone. Do I have a backlog of my own patterns that need to be written up? Of course. Am I crazy? Just maybe. Will I do it anyways? Yeah, I will. Wish me luck!

Update: Since I first wrote this post the amount of lookalike Jane shawls exploded on the web and Ravelry. It seemed that everyone tried their hand at replicating Jane’s gorgeous shawls. Out of all of them though, one bubbled to the top as the most accurate replica. The Plain Jane Shawl, by Patricia Brunner, nails the look of Jane’s shawl to a tee, from the nearly invisible center spine to the gentle loose ruffle at the edges. Best yet, her shawl pattern is absolutely free! If you are gungho about knitting your own Jane shawl, I recommend you check out Pat’s pattern. It was truly a labor of love, and her first pattern!


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