Spice Market – May Phat Fiber Sampler Box

I’ve been trying to plan my May addition to the Phat Fiber box, racking my brain for creative ideas that truly embodied a spice market. But I couldn’t seem to sort through all of my beads to find one thing that evoked the flavor of the Middle East. So I went browsing on the Inter for inspiration. Istanbul, Turkey has the largest spice market in the world. The historic Grand Bazaar is absolutely legendary, and while getting sucked into pictures of it online, I found some that made me think that what I needed this month for my stitch markers wasn’t one design, but MANY!

Istanbul, Turkey - The Grand Bazaar

So here are Exchanging Fire’s Mistress of Spices stitch markers, designed to mimic the endless towering baskets of spices that line the Grand Bazaar. The name was inspired the mysterious and romantic book The Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. My favorite quote from it says “”Each day has a color, a smell. Each spice has a special day to it.” From shining red peppercorn, black nigella, green cardamom, Indian yellow saffron, rusty sweet paprika and creamy ginger, this medley of spices are sure to whet your appetite.

Mistress of Spices

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