The Felt Collection

Get your Felting On! That’s right, I’ve done it – FELTED stitch markers are here at Exchanging Fire. These balls of fun are just endlessly amusing to me. You have to go check them out!

The Felt Collection at Exchanging Fire

Here’s a little background on why I’ve created felted stitch markers. First off, I get a lot of comments and thank yous from customers who are thrilled that I’m offering larger-sized stitch markers. How frustrating is it to be working on a complicated cabling project with size 11 needles and not have the appropriate sizes in your stitch marker tin?! I feel ya, trust me. I’m happy to cater to big-boned needlers because I think that sometimes in the current crafting world, where lace and sock yarns rule the day, big stitches get thrown by the wayside.

That being said, I sometimes feel like my larger stitch markers are bottom-heavy. Get a bunch of them together and they bow under their combined weight. Add in heavy yarn, big chunky needles and suddenly you need a suitcase on wheels just to cart your project around! Ok, ok, I exaggerate, but you get the point. Sometimes you just want something light and free. Enter these gorgeous multi-colored felted stitch markers. They are super lightweight and squishy, and float on the needles like puffs of colorful clouds. The felted balls are all made by hand out of dyed wools and hand on silver plated reclaimed rings that work on needles up to a size 17 US. Perfect.

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