Hexipuffs. Hexipuffs. What What the Hexipuffs.

I keep forgetting to post about the hexipuffs that I have finished knitting so far. I have had some of them done for a week or so but I haven’t gotten around to photographing and writing about it. I’m really thrilled with how little yarn these are using – I’ve been able to get exactly 4.5 hexipuffs out of two miniskeins of the same colorway. I had the same yarn in another colorway that blended enough to finish that 5th off without a discernible difference. The yarn I’ve used so far is Zwerger Opal Garn in Zirkus and Hundertwasser, and I really love the colors and striping effects going on.

Third Hexipuff in Opal Zirkus

I knit my puffs using both the s2k and the ssk directions in the pattern, and I’ve found that the s2k creates a much cleaner line. It’s slightly hard to grasp the instructions at first, but they are super easy (basically just k2tog backwards) and are worth learning because they make my hexipuffs look so much nicer. Also, I am not a crocheter, and try to avoid wielding the hook when I can, so I am using the kitchener bind-off – which I am in love with. It’s so pretty!

img. 1: S2K (left) & SSK (right) Methods; img. 2: Kitchener Bind-Off

I’m leaving the tails on at both the beginning and the end of the puffs because I’m going to weave the hexagrams together their corners, just like Stephanie did with her quilt ties.  That will make a nice floppy blanket that is still held together well, but without the obviousness of different yarn ties. All of my hexipuffs are coming in at a weight of 3 grams each, both stuffed and unstuffed. I have lightly stuffed mine, so there is probably less than a half-gram difference between the two weights. Oh, and they are about 2.75 inches across at their widest point, and 2.5 inches tall.


19 thoughts on “Hexipuffs. Hexipuffs. What What the Hexipuffs.

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      They are calling to you, whispering in high, cute voices, “Make us! Make us, Nicole! Make us!”

      Also, I have mad creepy skills because I just found you on Ravelry and it only took me like, max, 30 seconds. 😉

  1. Nick

    Lovely, can you post where to find instructions of s2K. I’ve googled, but keep coming up with double decrease instructions which I don’t think you mean.

  2. karen

    I have the pattern, downloaded from ravelry, but I don’t see the s2k instructions anywhere? Feeling a bit in the dark, help?
    I want to make cute little puffs like yours!

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      Hm, I’m not sure what to tell you, Karen. Maybe contact the designer and ask her what happened to those instructions? I know that my version of the pattern has the s2k written in them. Weird!

      1. karen

        I contacted Stephanie and she told me that she has recently revised the pattern to only have ssk and k2tog for decreasing instructions.

  3. Linda

    Pleassse bear with me I am not a knitter. I loom knit. Before I truly think about purchasing this really fantastic pattern, I would like t know if the puff is knit as a flat panel and folded then stitched or two pieces sewn together. Thank you!!

  4. Kat

    I just purchased the pattern and am so excited to be knitting hexipuffs! Yay! However, my first hexipuff looks a little bad on the decreased edges. I would love to know how to s2k as I can’t find it online or in my knitter’s companion. I’ve been doing the ssk but maybe I’m not pulling tight enough?

  5. Linda

    Hi Can anybody tell me how to get the pattern for hexpuffs i would like to try and knit a blanket with them many thanks linda

  6. Jess

    I’ve been knitting these all weekend after purchasing the pattern, they are fab for using up left over sock yarn and are soooo cute. They are great for knitting on the move and don’t take up much room in my work bag. I recommend buying the pattern!

  7. Julia

    Hello I love the beekeeper’s quilt.
    I started my first hexipuff yesterday and I don’t know how to do the S2K !!!
    is it the same as S2KP ?
    please help.

  8. LadyDanio Post author

    No, the S2KP involves passing slipped stitches over two other knit stitches (meaning you are working with four stitches). The S2K, as identified in the original hexipuff pattern, is simply slipping two stitches together, then knitting them together with the original needle they were on held purlwise. It’s just the opposite of knit2together.

  9. Jaan

    I’m always looking for different ways to knit a blanket/afghan. After seeing your hexipuffs, which are so cute, I’m going to do a beekeepers blanket next. And thanks for your advice as I hate trial and error work.


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