Keepers of the (Wine-Colored) Flame

Hey all, I finally got myself organized and sent out my samples for this month’s box! I’ve been wanting to share the stitchmarker keepers I sell at Exchanging Fire now for a while with all of the Phatties, but there just never seemed to be the right opportunity. Then I realized that this was the perfect month!

My favorite thing about these stitch marker holders (I whimsically call them Keepers of the Flame) is how versatile they are. They hold your stitch marker sets organized and they work as an extra stitch marker or cable needle in a pinch. Then I remembered how useful these are as wine charms as well! I totally recommend getting a bunch of these stitch holders and hosting a wine and knitting party. Remind each lady to bring their prettiest stitch markers (or have some on hand to give out), and then they can all decorate their glasses in a unique (and useful) way!

The stitchmarker holders I’ve included in the box this month have each had a tiny, red wine colored seed bead added to them, just as a tip-o-the-hat to the Wine Country theme. But you can also find them unadorned in my shop in both the Small and Large sizes.

Keepers of the Flame – Party-Size Set




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