I turn my camera on…

“I turn my camera on / I cut my fingers on the way / on the way” – Spoon

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know I did. Why did I have a good Christmas, you might ask? Because I got a new camera! And it is totally, absolutely, fabulously gorgeous! I’m really thrilled with it and I wanted to show all of you how much better my pictures are going to be because of it.

I’ve been using a very old Samsung Digimax A7 camera for many years now, maybe since college? I think it’s 7 years old. And I’ve pushed it’s abilities to the max. It takes wonderful photos for me, but that’s only because you can’t see all of the images lying on the cutting room floor. It burns through batteries and it has a very slow shutter time.  In some ways it’s made me a better photographer because I had to train  myself to use my body well – I have a very steady hand now and I understand how to angle myself to get just the right images. But this year, especially as we crept closer to the Winter Solstice, I found both my time and patience drastically decreased. There were too many days where I saw there wasn’t the right weather or light for taking the photos I had queued up waiting, and that slowed me down. I also had evenings where I would spend 20 minutes doing a photo shoot of products, only to discover when I loaded the SD card onto the computer that not one of my shots had come out properly – blurry, shadowy, etc. Clearly, the Samsung’s days were numbered.

Enter the new love of my life, the Canon SX150 IS. This big, black wanna-be-an-SLR point and shoot is well-known for it awesome low light and macro shot abilities. Well, fancy that, just the features I need! Amazing zoom, incredible focus, and a great white balance (the Nikons I looked at had a yellowy undertone, no matter how we tried to fix them), and the macro focus on this baby goes all the way down to 1 cm. Its big claim to fame is its full manual capabilities. I don’t care so much about that as I do about the low light and macro, clearly, but it’ll be good to have a camera that allows me to work a fully manual system if I so choose. I also like that it tells me what f/stop, shutter speed it’s automatically setting the image to. Maybe that will help me relearn all that stuff so I can sound smarter when talking to photo freaks. 😉 Top it off with a flash that stays down and out of the way unless I call on it by manually flipping it up (I never do, because I abhor flash) and an automatic stabilization feature that makes my images perfectly in focus every time and I’m eating cake. For under $200 and way smaller and less bulky than an actual DSLR would be, this little camera really satisfies my cravings.

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