Gallery Walk: Favorite Mini Mania projects

One of the best things about writing and publishing a pattern is getting to see what everyone knits! I love looking through the project pages on Ravelry and seeing what other people’s interpretations were, and how they like their handknits. It’s sort of like listening to five different people play the same piece of music – all are beautiful and yet sound totally unique. Today while I was wandering through the project gallery for the Mini Mania Scarf it occurred to me that maybe you guys would like to see some of the projects that have caught my eye, too. Now, there are a ton of gorgeous scarves that I like, so while I can’t share them all with you, I will show you a few of my favorites.

BadAmy’s scarf is so awesome – I love the  lime green / pea green color that somehow, with all of those other crazy colors in there, looks absolutely fabulous.
I really enjoy the braided fringe on woolangel’s classic version of the Mini Mania Scarf, which creates a very polished look, in my mind. My original skinny scarf has this braided look and I really enjoy it.
Take a classic and turn it rainbow-iffic. That’s what Possum did with her terrific scarf, which she carefully color-coordinated in ROYGBIV order after hand-dyeing her miniskeins with food colors.
Mrsmoodswing did something unusual to the end of her pretty in pink scarf, adding a treble crochet border along each edge, along with some buttons. I love her skinny look and the way it’s wrapped multiple times around the neck as well.
There’s no need to go big with this scarf, as Nanolam proves with her “little man” sized kid’s scarf in all greens. If you check out her project page, she reveals the way to get a squirmy little boy to sit still for a few moments while photographing – give him the remote to the TV! Hahaha.
KristenJ’s Wild and Tweedy version of the scarf got it’s light and colorful look through a careful alteration of sock yarn strands. She worked one row of each, in a pattern alternating two darks and two lights. Isn’t that fabulous?
You’ve gotta love Ahawry’s pastel version of the Mini Mania scarf as well. She achieved her vibrant and bright variation but combining neon-colored and white yarns together to create an light garment with unexpected POP!
And I love marionb69’s scarf, which achieved that lovely “painted watercolor” effect that portions of my scarf occasionally achieved, which she says she got using “Viele, viele bunte Reste” (many many colorful remnants).
Last but not least, if you are looking to see who wins the “epic” war then you’re come to the right place, because the winner is bb03aav, otherwise known as Anastasia, who got crazier than me and knit herself a 4,000+ yard scarf that she calls a “mini blanket.” You have to click and check out the full-size photos!

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