How Vanna White Organizes Her Yarn

I officially love Vanna White. Half of the video is about her and her cat! And she talks to her cat just like cat people do – “oh, what do you want to do now? Really? that’s what you want to do? Ok!” Yup, Vanna White has a cat and loves antiques!

3 thoughts on “How Vanna White Organizes Her Yarn

  1. Katy Bug

    That so adorable! I’m the same way with my old kitty. My 1-year-old cat gets too rambunctious for me to let him anywhere near my yarn, though. He is adorable and wonderful in so many ways, yet so bad at the same time!

    Lion’s Brand Yarn really pushes their Vanna White line of yarn and all their Vanna White specials, but I’ve never stopped to pay much attention to it. Maybe I should. She seems so nice.

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      I actually really like Vanna’s line of acrylic yarn. I find that it is very soft and useful for making charity projects and stuff like kid’s clothes that will need to be washed often.


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