Mini Mania Scarf

Join the mini mania! There is just something utterly addicting about knitting together tiny, bright skeins of sock weight yarn, watching the shades shift below your fingertips as the strands form new and glorious color combinations. Knit this scarf by using up all those little bits of leftover yarn you’ve been saving like a dragon guarding its hoard, or collect more from others. Then make it yours by knitting it big or little, fat or skinny, in a random cacophony of color or with a subtle, ordered transition.

This scarf uses the eponymous fabric stitch, or linen stitch, so named because it looks similar to a woven linen fabric. The stitch uses simple slipped stitches to create a dramatic finished project and is knit lengthwise to most accurately replicate the style of a woven garment. After receiving many requests from others asking how mine was made, I decided to share the method to my madness.

We’ve started a knit-along for the Mini Mania Scarf! Stop by and knit with us in the Mini Mania KAL on Ravelry. Don’t have any scrap or miniskeins and need some to get started? I offer pre-packaged kits of indie, hand-dyed and LYS-quality fingering weight yarns in various color combinations in my shop, Exchanging Fire.

Get The Pattern
You may directly download a .pdf of this free pattern by clicking the image to your left, or follow the link here to Ravelry, an online community for fiber enthusiasts, to cast on. Happy knitting!



43 thoughts on “Mini Mania Scarf

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  9. Kassi

    I tryed to sign into the esty to ask you about the kits but wasnt able to , Im intested in the kits you talked about

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  11. wolfina

    Thanks! This is a wonderful , unusual and very easy pattern! I made some years ago a little afgan for my little…she-cat 🙂 with old wool.Now the pattern is in my wishlist for a scarf.

  12. Sandra

    I am also interested in the little Kits for Mini Mania Scarf. I especially love the colours of Yellow, Gold, various shades of Light Rust and so many others. How can we get more information? And do you ship to Vancouver,BC Canada ?

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      Thanks Sandi for the compliments! If you follow the link provided above you’ll end up at my shop, where the kits I sell are all listed. And yes, I do ship to Canada – I ship anywhere in the world. Enjoy!

  13. Sarah

    I pinned this scarf pattern about two months ago figuring maybe I’d do it someday when i could collect enough sock yarn. Today searching through Etsy I found your mini mania kits and thought, “Wow, that would be a great way to make that scarf I pinned.” I came back to see how much I’d need and low and behold, same person behind both! Just thought I’d share that. I guess it’s time for me to start following your work officially since I found you in two totally separate ways, lol.

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    1. LadyDanio Post author

      You do not need to sign up for anything to download the pattern. When you click on the download link it either opens up a small window instructing you have to save the file to your computer or directly downloads the .pdf. Hope that helps! 🙂

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  17. Rebecca H.

    How many rows of each color did you knit on your scarf? I wasn’t sure how often to alternate colors. Thanks!

  18. Michelle

    Do you, by any chance, have a photo of the fringed ends? I’m having trouble imagining how the ends of the scarf would look, and I was hoping for a picture before I dive into making the super-jumbo version of your beautiful, beautiful scarf!

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      Stitches are slipped knitwise on both sides, but they could also be slipped purlwise if that is what you prefer. It’s really whatever method feels better to you.

  19. Penny Brouckaert

    I love it! I’ve started mine already but with DK yarn as it’s all I normally use and I have loads of bits! I’m glad someone asked how many rows of each colour as I was wondering the same thing….I’ve been doing 1 row (which makes it reeeaaaally east to see the slip stitch vs knit stitch as they’re different colours!) Thanks for an awesome pattern!

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  21. Nancy Bale

    Love this scarf pattern, but I’m a beginner and have restarted several times. All 400 stitches! Could you tell me if you cut the yarn at the end of each row, even when the next row will be the same color? thank you!

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      Yes Nancy, you have it exactly. You give yourself however much length you want for the fringe at the end and beginning of every row. Also don’t feel badly I restarted half a dozen times when I was first learning linen stitch!


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