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Recyclable Shipping Solutions

Wow, I’m super excited by this new company called Eco Enclose. Based in Colorado, they are producing and selling 100% biodegradable plastic poly mailers. Not only do the mailers have two rows of adhesive to encourage reusing bags, but they also are made of will compost and return to the earth in 5 to 60 months – whether in your own backyard or in commercial landfills!


These shipping bags apparently biodegrade as humus and biomass, two biodegradable products. According to the Interwebz, plastics that are made of biomass are actually cheaper to manufacture and meet or exceed most performance standards. The only thing is that they don’t have the same longevity as conventional plastics, which, when we are dealing with plastic mailers, isn’t an issue because you use a bag once or twice and then you just want to pitch it.

Want to get in on this cool product? Try out a free sample!