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When in doubt, or just feeling bloated, dye.

I’m in stash overload. I received money for my birthday and my checks for some work finally came in right before Christmas, so as a result I went on a yarn shopping spree the likes of which haven’t been seen in, oh, never. Now, “shopping spree” doesn’t mean that I didn’t get great deals (oh no, trust me. I computed like a little Scrooge McDuck) but it does mean that I bought. alot. of. yarn. all. at. once. And while it was fun at the time, now, a week later, it is all starting to arrive. And I, consequently, am feeling a little bit, shall we say, bloated? No, seriously, I feel like I just bought out the candy store and ate it all at once.

So, naturally, there is nothing to do by get rid of the old stuff!!! This does not, as you may have assumed, mean that I am ridding myself of my current yarns by having some sort of destash or sale. Ha! Please. What it does mean is that I am completing some yarn-related projects. Namely, I am dyeing up a whole bunch of yarn. I dye when the spirit hits me, when I’m in the mood, or when I’m feeling the white, privileged, Protestant guilt of excess.

And so I dyed some yarn! and I’m actually really pleased with myself, because I think that my skills are getting marginally better and that my photography talents are becoming dynamite. Anyways, I was inspired last time I dyed to start a Anne of Green Gables series of dye jobs, and I just decided to continue that this time. So, without further ado, here are:

Bosom Friends

I’m highly pleased with the first one, as it’s far more difficult to manage pale colors than I thought.

Marilla's Raspberry Cordial

The third is great because I was able to use red and orange successfully to create something bold but not bland.

Autumn in Avonlea

And actually, I confess I am a bit in love with the last one.

An Unfortunate Lily Maid

Ok, to bed I must go, because the day is done, I have happily removed this yarn to my Etsy shop, and all is right with my stash. Well, almost. I think more yarn arrives tomorrow!