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Snap ‘n Go Notions Case featured in The Organized Knitter podcast

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up to discover one of my products, the Snap ‘n Go Notions Case™, had been featured in a brand new knitting podcast today!

Dawn, the author of the Knit Naturally podcast, has just begun a brand new podcast called The Organized Knitter.  In case you haven’t heard of Dawn before, she’s a fun-loving Texan who considers her podcasts to be sort of like sitting around on the front porch with your friends. The casts are full of her rapier wit and stories about her family and life, interlaced with knitting tips and tricks. This podcast is specifically designed for the knitter who wants to create an organized, peaceful (though not perfect) environment.

The Snap ‘n Go Notions Case is featured in Episode 4, and is about 1/3 of the way through the podcast. Here is a link to her show notes. She purchased the lime green case from my shop, Exchanging Fire, as well as a violet purple one that she gave away to one of her Ravelry group members.

Jumbo Snap ‘n Go Notions Cases



New ways to keep your notions organized

I’ve got some brand new accessories in the Exchanging Fire shop for those of you notions lovers! These are two new ways to keep yourself organized.

First up are these sweet little notions holders called Poppers. These round little hamster-ball-style cases are perfect for keeping different stitch marker sets organized. Or use Poppers to keep those extra bits and bobbles in your bag organized – put a group of safety pins in one and some leftover scrap yarn in another to keep it from being tangled.

The second goodie I have for you today are these brand new Needle Buddies DPN holders, designed specially for small needle sizes, that come in a variety of adorable animal shapes. They are squeezable and soft and stretch comfortably to fit various needle sizes.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this peek at the brand new goodies in my shop! I have been listing new stitch marker sets during April and will continue to roll out new designs for the whole month of May so watch Exchanging Fire for new fun stuff!