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In the heart of the oyster

Kate, the owner and master dyer of  Dragonfly Fibers, contacted me after the New Year with a last minute request. The final round of her 2012 yarn club was wrapping up and she wanted some goodies for the club members and thought of Exchanging Fire. I always enjoy being part of yarn clubs (I’ve participated in several for Woolgirl) so of course I said yes!

Well, I sent out 60 adorable packages this morning and I am so pleased with the way everything came out that I wanted to share it with all of you. I won’t show you the whole giftset, because I don’t want to give away the surprise for everyone who will be getting these in the next week or two, but I thought I would show off the best part – the stitch markers I made. Often clients give me themes that they want and I go off of that general concept as my inspiration. Sure enough, all Kate had to do was say “think marine life” and I immediately had an idea.

This is a set of stitchmarkers inspired by the magic of unwrapping a gift bit by bit. These gorgeous pearl markers are simplistic but not simple. The luxurious, semi-baroque freshwater pearls add a touch of class to your knitting, and I swear, their rich depth of color just can’t be caught on film.

Meet Heart of the Oyster.

Heart of the Oyster

“Keep the pearls in the shells / They should stay at the bottom of the sea, waiting / Hopefully one day the time will come / Pulling them from the depths of the sea floor / Casting them upon the shores. / A sunbeam will embrace them, / Penetrating warmly, lingering / In the heart of the oyster…” ― Malak’ Abd al-Aziz