The Beekeeper’s Quilt: Get Your Hexipuff On!

Dear Lord. Stephanie Dosen has done it again. This girl is so talented, my pinkie finger couldn’t compete with the oodles of cute stuff pouring out of her brain on a daily basis. So here’s the deal. I finished making my Mini Mania Scarf in January, and since then I have been gnashing my teeth, desperate for something else to do with all of these miniskeins I have lying around. I started offering those Mini Mania kits in my Etsy shop purely because I didn’t want to stop collecting. It’s what I do. I think, “well, if I can’t keep it because I’ll run out of room in my home and people will call Hoarders on me, I’ll sell it and then feel like it’s going to a good home where it will be loved and snuggled with and appreciated just as much as I would have.” Warning: this is also what makes me an awful/wonderful enabler when I go shopping with friends. I may have a problem.

Anyways, my mental issues are neither here nor there. What is, however, relevant to this blog post is the brand new pattern Stephanie has been working on. Here I am, sad and lonely and not needing another supersized linen stitch scarf. And voila! Entre The Beekeeper’s Quilt! And a new project for me!

The Beekeeper's Quilt, image courtesy tinyowlknits

You just looked at that image and swore in amazement, didn’t you. Don’t lie! I know you did, because that’s what I did! Stephanie made all of these adorable little honeycomb puffs out of scrap fingering weight skeinlets. And then she put them together to form this huge, squishy quilt of colorful awesomeness! So naturally, I had to dig out all of my miniskeins and toss them hither and thither to find all of the perfect colors and textures to knit myself a blanket as thrillingly fabulous as this. The yarns I tend to collect are brighter and darker than Stephanie’s (my wardrobe is probably also brighter and darker than hers) so to adjust for that fact I think I’m going to use one of every color unless it’s a pastel, and then I’ll double the amount of hexipuffs I’m making.


According to Stephanie, the blanket she made is three by four feet, and took about 400…500 hexipuffs? I’m not quite sure, I’ll have to investigate this. Anyways, I’m so pleased to discover that each square takes about 4 to 5 grams of sock yarn to knit – meaning all of the miniskeins I’ve got right now are the perfect size already! Yey! I can knit myself silly!

Stephanie’s blanket isn’t just cute-as-a-button, though, oh no, Stephanie is cute-as-a-button as well. Ok, instead of nattering on aimlessly about how in love with this pattern I am, I’ll just show you Stephanie’s amusing and perky video she made in July when she announced that The Beekeeper’s Quilt was going on sale. Because I think that explains it all.

12 thoughts on “The Beekeeper’s Quilt: Get Your Hexipuff On!

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  2. Christine Catone - thesailingknitter

    Lady Danio… you are the world’s greatest enabler… and Stephanie is a crazy nut who I want to live next door to and be her bestest friend!! OMG I love her…and I do NOT want to make these damn little puffs…and you know I am going too!! LOL This will turn into another life time project like my little 1″ english paper pieced diamond fabric quilt I have carried around for the past 8 years… my children are going to hate me when they have to clean all this stuff out in 50 yrs!

    Christine – Thesailingknitter.

  3. Carolyn Hodkinson

    I have knitted all my life and can follow all patterns but the Hexagon puffs have got me beaten I have bought the Tiny Owl pattern but i dont seem to understand how to knit the first round as each time I knit a stitch the stitches on the other needle fall off HELP is there another set of instructions antwhere which are clearer.
    Cally Hodkinson -the eternal knitter.

    1. Emily A

      @ Carolyn H. I was struggling too. I found a tutorial of a woman casting on then she does the first row. It is on the front needle, coming from almost under the needle. Look on Youtube for casting on Hexipuffs.

  4. craftylady66

    I came across your video by accident. I think you are so cute. I loved watching and am amazed at how many of those Hexipuffs you made. Very good! I have a daughter your age but she won’t knit or do anything crafty. I don’t know where I went wrong!

  5. naddel



    I would like to knit hexipuff for Soo. Please can I have the instructions??
    I find her nirgendswo here!!
    My e-mail address is funny22@web. de

    Gratitude dear to many

    Nadine Inselmann

    1. LadyDanio Post author

      I’m not the designer of the Beekeeper’s Quilt. You’ll need to follow the links in the post above to go to her website, where you can purchase her pattern. πŸ™‚


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