Headed to TNNA! And yes, my ears are burning.

This weekend I’m headed to TNNA, the National NeedleArts Association trade show where retailers, wholesalers, indie dyers, designers, and other knit and crochet fashionistas all converge to check out the latest offerings in the yarn and fiber world and of course, buy buy buy. The trade show is held twice a year, and for this winter show, they’ve picked a brand new city for everyone to hang out in – Phoenix, Arizona! The weather is supposed to be around 72°F – as you can imagine, I’m thrilled just by the weather report. In the summer I attended the show in Columbus, Ohio and while that was fun, I’ve been to Columbus before (I can drive there, after all), and so I’m excited by the idea of headed out toward the other coast to visit a brand new state. I’m packing my favorite professional summer gear, tons of stitch marker to hand out to cool people I meet, my Ravelry button badge, and of course, my Mini Mania Scarf is coming along for the ride to keep me warm in the cold convention center and because it was such a hit the last time.

Speaking of that infamous linen stitch scarf, I woke up today to discover that my ears were burning – the girls over at KnittingYarn.com wrote up a nice piece about a certain fabulous stitch, and guess who (or more accurately, what) is being featured on their front page?  That’s right, the Mini Mania Scarf! Considering what a crazy week it has been over here (power outage, emergency all-day water shut-off, snowstorm) all while I’ve been trying to get ready for TNNA, this just made my day a whole bunch brighter.

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